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South Dakota Couple Vacationing In Colorado Get Stopped And Then Financially Busted

Colorado Police Officer Smells Marijuana Searches Their Vehicle And Takes $25,000

South Dakota resident Margaret McKinney and her boyfriend, Tony Anderson thought Colorado was a safe place to carry some pot and a pipe. But when the couple was stopped by a Colorado police officer for having a temporary license tag in the wrong place, they discovered another side to the recreational pot state.

Once the officer found the pipe and the pot, the couple was delayed for over two hours along a roadside. They were questioned by police officers and a federal Drug Enforcement Administration agent. During the interrogation, Margaret’s trunk was searched. The agent found $25,000 cash stuffed in one of Anderson’s socks.

Anderson claimed the cash was from a lawsuit settlement, and he is fighting to get his money back. The DEA is suspicious when out-of-state guests carry large amounts of cash in concealed places. Drug cartels and other people interested in buying pot for illegal purposes do wander through Colorado looking to score pot to sell in other states.

Zeca Oliveira has heard that the couple was never charged, but the cash stayed behind. Find more on Oliveira at An ACLU attorney said the incident sounded like highway robbery to him, but that doesn’t help the couple. They are struggling to make ends meet without the money.

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