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Smita Shah: The Woman Leading The Engineering Company Spaan Tech

The engineering industry is one of the most competitive industries owing to the sheer number of companies prevalent in it and the scale at which they have to operate. In the midst of this tough competition, one company that has managed to stand out with regards to all that they have done is Spaan Tech. Spaan Tech has been the driving force behind some of the most well-recognized projects in the country and is the company who has carried out several beneficial developments. The work done by this company has been nothing short of remarkable, which is also why they have been able to earn such a notable name for themselves. 

One of the bigger reasons for the success of the company has bee the work put in by their leader and founder, Smita Shah. Smita Shah has gained recognition for being one of the leading names in the field of engineering and is someone who has created a huge impact on the national scale of this industry. She has worked hard to bring forward several developments to the company and the clients that they have worked with and has been able to help the company move in a positive direction. Her knowledge and skill with regard to this industry have without a doubt benefitted all that the company needed.

While Smita Shah has an incredible amount of experience with regards to the engineering industry, she was able to work with some of the biggest names because of the educational experiences that she has had. She has a degree from Northwestern University and then went on to earn a degree from MIT. She also has a degree from the prestigious Oxford University. These were brilliant stepping stones that led her onto better paths. Learn more:

During the first professional experiences in the engineering industry, Smita Shah realized that people often expected her to fit into certain female stereotypes. This was especially hard considering that she was in a predominantly male field, with very few women around. She had to work hard to show people that she was on the level of her male counterparts. Over time, she rose up the ranks to reach prominent positions within her company. After reaching a prominent position, she decided that it was time to branch out and start up her own company. In 1998, she decided to take the leap and started out her own company, which she named Spaan Tech. This was the first step that she took towards making a name for herself in the field of engineering.

The work that Smita Shah has done has been nothing short of incredible, which is why she has been the recipient of so many prestigious awards and honors. The first award that she was given was when she and her company were recognized by Inc Magazine and given the honor of being one of the fastest-growing private companies. The company was also listed as one of the Best of Business in Chicago Engineering Services, which attested to the incredible work that it has done over the years.

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