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Smita Shah Leads Annual Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee Luncheon, Marks Day As Mahatma Gandhi Day

The 2nd of October was a big day for the Indian community living in the city of Chicago as the day was declared as the Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago. The honor was given because of the prominent role that Mahatma Gandhi played in maintaining world peace, and the values and virtues that he stood for during his time. The day is considered to be notable because it is also the birthday of the notable figure and is a day that is celebrated in his honor throughout the world. 

The reason the city of Chicago decided to take this decision to honor this day in his memory was because of the prominence of the Indian community in the city. Chicago is known for being one of the most multicultural places to live in and has a vast population of people belonging to different countries, different religions, and different traditions. The city is a melting pot of cultures, which is why it is important to pay respect to each of these minority groups that reside in Chicago.

The day was declared as Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago at the annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon hosted by the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee. The event was chaired by Smita Shah, a well regarded Indian entrepreneur who stands as a notable member of this community in Chicago. The event was attended by some of Chicago’s most notable people including Mayor Lori Lightfoot, World Business Chicago CEO Andrea Zopp, Senator Dick Durbin and many others. At the event, Mayor Lightfoot spoke about the importance of this day before declaring it as a notable day for the city and its people.

Smita Shah, the chairperson of the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee also came forward to talk about what the day meant to her and the people of the Indian community. She stated that it was an incredible honor for the day to be regarded in this manner and was something that the Indian American community in the city is truly proud of. She also spoke about the idea to form an organization like this and how the prevalence of the Indian Community was what inspired her to organize this event and this entire platform. She also stated that the day also honors the virtues and values that Mahatma Gandhi stood for, which is something that the Indian American community living in Chicago try to emulate. Learn more:

About Smita Shah

Smita Shah is someone who has shown an incredible amount of finesse when it comes to the work that she does and the career that she has built for herself. She is an engineer and entrepreneur who leads her own award-winning company that has made huge waves within the engineering industry. She has an incredible amount of knowledge with regard to this industry, which has helped her achieve the level of success that she has. She also actively engages in programs and events for the upliftment of different communities who are in need.

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