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Shiraz Boghani And The Splendid Hospitality Group Expand The Successful Hotel Chain

     The Splendid Hospitality Group has built its reputation on the success the group has achieved across more than two decades when its leader, Shiraz Boghani set out to build a new style of luxury accommodation. The business model created by Shiraz Boghani revolves around the development of new branded hotels with limited services which were first created by Shiraz Boghani in the middle of the 1990s and have now become the major area of hotel development for many companies involved in the U.K. hospitality industry.

Shiraz Boghani is a business leader who has learned to develop a range of different areas and sectors to achieve success for his own family and the hundreds of employees he regards as an extension of his family. Boghani himself has built a career base don the dreams he held as a child growing up in his birth nation of Kenya. The nation of Kenya has always had close ties to the U.K. and became the focus of the dreams of the young Shiraz Boghani who made his way to London in 1969 in a bid to complete his ambition of becoming a chartered accountant; Shiraz Boghani became one of the most successful accountants in the U.K. before making the decision to expand his range of business interests to different sectors.

The Splendid Hospitality Group has grown into one of the most impressive hotel groups in the U.K. with developments including the $121 million Hilton London Bankside among its range of award-winning hotels. The innovation and success achieved by Shiraz Boghani in developing the New Ellington Hotel in Leeds and the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel led to the former accountant being named Hotelier of the Year at the SHG Asian Business Awards. Mr. Boghani accepted the honor on behalf of each member of staff working with the Splendid Hospitality Group who pull together each day to create one of the most respected hotel chains in the U.K.

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