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Shervin Pishevar’s 21-Hour Tweet Storm: An Embattled Tech Titan Surveys the Economy

For many heads of Silicon Valley tech and venture capital firms, Shervin Pishevar is something of a case study in picking winners. Having seeded money to start-ups like Uber and Airbnb, Pishevar has earned a reputation in recent years for spotting talented entrepreneurs early on and making sure that capable companies have a chance at succeeding. To this day, Pishevar is legendary in Silicon Valley for his ability to spot brilliant business leaders before they become household names, a talent that has earned him a large fanbase.

Fallout from a Tweet Storm

So when Shervin Pishevar used his Twitter account to regale his followers with a 21-hour tweet storm recently, many investors were keen to hear what the former tech CEO had to say. It wasn’t all roses, as Pishevar shared some alarming views about the future state of the economy, but his predictions about speculative opportunities with regard to Bitcoin and other investments may indicate possibilities for investors to make big money before the year is out.

Economic Indicators of Another Recession?

The bad news first: Pishevar stated in one tweet that he believes that the stock market will drop by an astonishing 6000 points in the near future. If Pishevar’s prediction is true, such a drop could precipitate a major recession, but it could also spell a boom time for investors willing to buy valuable stocks for cheap in order to sell their holdings when the economy returns to stability.

Will Bitcoin Hit a New Peak?

Pishevar was much more optimistic about the future value of crypto-currency Bitcoin, however, and suggested that the alternative form of money would regain its former peak value in coming months. Bitcoin was a standout investment opportunity for many buyers after the currency rose from its modest 2011 value of $1 per coin to $17500 per coin in 2017, making many investors into billionaires in the process. Bitcoin has fallen to a value of $6500 per coin in recent months, but if the currency’s price can return to its former peak level of value, buyers might be able to make a fortune at a later date.

If Shervin Pishevar’s track record with investments is any indication, the tech guru may know where the smart money will be in coming years, and for investors who trust Pishevar’s instincts, that could mean big profits in 2019 and beyond. Only time will tell, but it may just be that Shervin Pishevar’s ability to spot trends in the marketplace is as sound as ever.

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