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Sheldon Lavin Has Made OSI Group Profitable

Companies need great leadership in order to be successful. OSI Group has one of the world’s best business minds as their CEO. Sheldon Lavin has been the man in charge of this company for a very long time. Over the years, he has helped the company grow far beyond his wildest expectations. It is interesting that Lavin did not go to business school. In fact, his college degree is in accounting. He never thought that he would be a CEO leading a successful company. However, that is how his life has turned out. He could not imagine doing anything else. Sheldon Lavin has built OSI Group into a globally respected meat processing powerhouse.

The company specializes in offering high quality meats to rural areas that do not have any other options. This is the business model that Sheldon Lavin created decades ago when OSI Group was just a single factory in Chicago called Otto & Sons. Lavin knew that the demand for meat products was very large. There were not many other companies in the meat processing industry. Therefore, Lavin thought it was ripe for the picking. The company started to expand into other states. This was the decision that changed the course of the company. OSI Group’s relationship with China has been a huge benefit. According to Sheldon Lavin wanted to open a facility in China because there are more people who live in that country than any other.

Therefore, the demand for meat would be enormous. Lavin was eventually able to negotiate a deal with China that would allow his food company to do business in the country. This was very special because China is careful about the foreign companies they allow into the country. China was impressed with the way that OSI Group has streamlined the meat processing process. The Chinese government also liked the fact that they use modern machinery and the latest technology at their facilities.The profitability of OSI Group as soared under his visionary leadership. However, this has not caused Lavin to ease up on his approach. He still wants to dominate the industry.

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