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Sheldon Lavin Has Become One Of The Most Honored Food Industry Professionals In Recent History:

Sheldon Lavin has enjoyed quite a career, to put it mildly. The food industry icon has headed up OSI Group as CEO for many decades now and his involvement with this global food enterprise goes back to the beginning of the 1970s. The mere fact that OSI Group is today one of the global leaders in the world of food processing is directly related to the work that has been put in by Sheldon Lavin over his decades of dedicated leadership with the firm. When he first came to the OSI Group business, it was much smaller and was focused on its flagship client. This is the globally known fast-food chain McDonald’s. While OSI Group is still a dedicated supplier to McDonald’s to this day and the fast-food giant remains one of the most important parts of the business, there has been a lot of growth in many other areas and there has been a big expansion of the firm’s global market share due to the work put in by Sheldon Lavin as CEO. The businessman is also the company’s Chairman of the Board.

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Sheldon Lavin has seen quite a few awards come his way during the years that he has been with OSI Group. These awards have come in several forms and for reasons such as the firm’s commitment to sustainability and Sheldon’s own successes as a businessman in the global food industry. He recently was presented with a big honor by the Vision World Academy based out of India. The organization presented the CEO with its award called the Global Visionary honor. This was presented as a way of recognizing the major contributions that Sheldon has made to the food industry. It was also a general celebration of his career and what he has meant to his company.

OSI Group also won another big recent honor under the watch of Sheldon Lavin. This was the Globe of Honour. This is an award that is given out in the United Kingdom by the British Safety Council. OSI Group was given recognition of the firm’s commitment to running an environmentally sustainable operation. Learn More:

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