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Shasta Ventures is an investment firm that is based in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. The financial company deals with connected hardware firms, investing in entrepreneurs, and advancing consumer startups. The company has been focused on working with proficient companies ever since it came into existence in 2004 (Techcrunch). 

Shasta Ignite:

The financial services firm features various platforms that aid in the growth of the companies and start-ups that they invest in. They include Shasta Ignite which is geared towards assisting in boosting the growth of the companies that they have invested in. This is done by encouraging them to exploit some of the best customer care, marketing, and sales procedures in the financial industry. Consequently, the entrepreneurs can retain clients, acquire new clients, and develop more opportunities for their existing clients. Furthermore, Shasta Ignite Program essentially assists early-stage start-up founders in spurring the growth of their companies by advising them on practical measures that are suitable for their ventures. Some of the companies that have endorsed Shasta Ignite include LeanData, Prodly, Camera IQ, Glint, Zuora, among others.

Through deliberate programs and workshops, Shasta Ignite has been able to benefit its participants in the following ways:

1. Maximizing the packaging and pricing of their products.

2. Correctly identify their target markets and potential buyers.

3. Hiring appropriate customer teams, sales personnel, and marketing employees.

4. Formulating their business objectives and aims.

5. Identifying the correct sales procedure and model.

6. Recognizing a beneficial customer program that will be successful.

7. Generating a reputable scheme program.

8. Mentoring on the correct business measures to implement.

About Shasta Ventures:

The venture capital company was founded by Rob Coneybeer and Ravi Mohan. However, later on, Tod Francis and Jason Pressman jumped on board. Currently, the four executives are the managing directors of the Shasta Ventures investment capital firm. The company offers efficient partnerships with the companies it deals with. The financial firm works patiently but aggressively. To ensure that they acquire successful returns, Shasta Ventures intentionally works with a sizeable amount of companies. Additionally, the investment firm seeks passionate and hard-working startups who are serious with their businesses. 

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