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Sharing is Caring

Industrial countries are thriving economically because of their commerce and financial exchange systems. There aren’t too many places for citizens to go where they can get goods or services without monetary compensation. A store in Frome, Somerset in the United Kingdom relies on customers lending items rather than selling them. The name of the store is appropriately titled SHARE. The owners of the store call it a borrowing hub. Items that are on the shelves in the store are loaned out to the consumers rather than sold to consumers. The owners of the SHARE store are relying on trust and respect between consumers and believe that these amenities will make a practical supply and demand service. The SHARE store also has a low carbon footprint. According to Amen Clinics, SHARE reduces waste by using and producing items when they can. The store asks local citizens to donate or lend high quality and useful items. Customers can pay a nominal fee between 1 pound and 4 pounds and keep the item for several days at a time. The previous owners of the borrowed items have their pictures posted for every item that is taken out of the store. It fosters a experience for people to forge connections with their community that oftentimes goes missing when stores are more concerned with financial transactions. The store is one small part of a growing network of services that cultivate sharing abilities. It is the hopes of the owners that they can get more SHARE stores throughout the United Kingdom.

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