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Senior Portfolio Manager Clement Perrette Shares The Importance Of Individual Action In Regards To Climate Change

Born in France, Clement Perrette attended HEC Paris where he earned a master’s degree in finance. He also has a master’s in engineering degree he earned in 1989 at ENSIMAG.

Perrette has since worked in the financial industry. He started at Societe Generale and has also worked for BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank and Barclays Capital. He is currently in Switzerland where he joined a new venture, RAM Active Investments. He is a senior portfolio manager who handles funds invested in fixed income.

Clement Perrette balances his life between his work, home life, and philanthropy. He is a member of Uproar, a nonprofit that published a book, “Call of the Blue”, about the ocean and the life in it. The goal is to create more awareness about the oceans so that people will take better care of it. It has hundreds of never-before-seen photographs and text written by aquatic experts.

Clement Perrette is trying to be flexible in his work at RAM Active Investments. Clement Perrette said that early in his career he wasn’t at all patient and quick to form opinions. He learned over time that he needed to be more open-minded and that he could learn a lot from other people. He now likes to hear from his peers and coworkers about their opinions and constructive criticism. Forming meaningful and positive relationships with others is important to him at work and home. See This Article to learn more.

He says that everyone can make a difference when it comes to climate change. Each individual doing their part can add up to profound change. Clement Perrette says everyone needs to change their consumption habits and serve as a model for others. These changes will have an immediate impact and make the lives of future generations much better.


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