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Securus Technologies Offering Reliable and Efficient Investigative Technology to the Law Enforcement Agencies

Securus Technologies has made its mark on the correctional technology from the time of its inception in 1986. The company is known to offer innovative and cutting edge technology that is efficient, economical, and futuristic. Securus Technologies has played a vital role in transforming as well as modernizing the correctional technology.


Securus Technologies also has a dedicated research and development facility in Dallas, which the company refers to as its Technology Center. It is a service that continues to research and develop new technologies for inmate communications, investigative technology, and more. The primary aim of the company is to ensure that its technology, products, and services, are useful for the correctional industry.


Securus Technologies has helped millions of inmates to reconnect with their friends and family members from inside the jail. The ConnectUs operating system used by the Securus Technologies for inmate communication is highly advanced and helps the inmates make calls back home at low prices. Before Securus Technologies came into the picture, there were many other inmate communication service providers, but they used to provide their products and services at a very high price. It is what makes it difficult for the inmates to communicate with their loved ones back home frequently. It adds to their stress levels and in a way, also contributes towards an increase in the crimes inside the prison.


Securus Technologies is committed to transforming the correctional industry entirely for the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers. Many of the officers also write letters to the company to show their appreciation for the investigative technology and services it is providing. Such crime prevention technology has helped in saving the lives of many law enforcement officers and played a constructive role in putting the criminals behind bars. Such technology is essential in today’s volatile world.



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