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Scott Rocklage The Visionary Leader

Dr. Scott Rocklage, Ph.D. is currently the managing partner at 5 AM ventures. Rocklage became the managing partner at 5 AM Ventures in the year 2004 after serving as a venture partner since the year 2003.Rocklage has vast experience in healthcare management and science. He has been in the industry for almost three decades now. One of the major achievements that Rocklage is known for is the strategic leadership responsibilities he offered in the sector that saw the Federal Drug Administration FDA approve three new drugs application namely: Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan.

5 AM ventures have three main branches which are located in San Francisco, California, and Waltham, where Scott is based.5 AM Ventures, is a capital firm that whose primary objective is to finance seed, growth capital, start up investment, spinouts and early stage life sciences companies.

Scott gained his vast experience in the industry through the many companies he worked for. Before Scott joined 5 AM Ventures, he was the Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals and President of Nycomed Salutar. Scott has also served as the CEO and President of Amersham Health.

Besides, Scott served as the Executive Chairman and Co-President of Ilypsa, Inc. Other positions Scott has held include Chairman of Novra and Cidara Therapeutics, Inc and CEO at EPIRUS pharmaceuticals among others.

Rocklage academic background is in the field of science. Rocklage went to the University of California where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.

To further his education, Rocklage joined Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, where he pursued a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Chemistry. One notable thing that Rocklage did while studying is the research that he conducted on Richard R. Schrock laboratory.

Richard is an iconic figure in the field of chemistry having won the Nobel Prize in 2005. Among the things that Rocklage has accomplished in the academic realm are: Rocklage has authored more than a hundred publications and peer reviews, and has also invented and co-invented more than 30 U.S patents.

Rocklage has steered 5 AM Venture to be one of the top venture capital firms that aim at producing future scientists.

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