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Sanjay Shah Makes Things Happen

An article on provides an overview of the life Sanjay Shah, owner of Solo Capital. The article begins by discussing how Shah worked in accounting in the finance industry, but he wasn’t happy with either the work or the commute. After the 2008 financial crisis, Shah became unemployed and it was at that point in time, working from just one room in London that he started his brokerage company that has since blossomed into an incredibly successful company. The article then goes on to discuss Shah’s other interests, specifically his organization Autism Rocks. Shah created the organization after one of his own sons was diagnosed with Autism. Shah believes that wile Autism is becoming a household name, little is still known about the disease among the general population. Overall, the article provides a comprehensive look at Sanjay Shah and the path that brought him to where he is today.

Sanjay Shah was originally from Kenya, but moved to the United Kingdom as a boy. Shah’s family had the resources to offer Sanjay many opportunities. Shah originally thought he wanted to go into medicine, but he soon changed his mind. Shah’s decision to leave medicine would ultimately prove to be for the best, as Shah has realized his full potential in the business world. Furthermore, it may have been that original love of medicine that propelled him to use his personal situation with Autism and do something for the greater good with it.

Solo Capital, incorporated in 2011, is now a well-known and highly successful financial services company. The company offers propriety trading and consulting in addition to other financial services. Solo Capital’s headquarters is still London although it is no longer just one room. The company sees profits totaling millions in both the British pound and the United States dollar. It would appear that when Sanjay Shah acts, he does so with enthusiasm and follow through.


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