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Samuel Strauch-Creative Thinking For South Florida Real Estate

Samuel Strauch began working in the banking industry after receiving an undergraduate degree from Hofstra University in International Studies, and marketing degree studies from Harvard University and Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

He later worked in his family’s South Florida Real Estate business before starting his own company in 2002, which he presently still runs. His company works with real estate ventures in not only South Florida, but also in Latin America. His personal interests include photography, cycling, and art.

After Samuel Strauch came to Miami, he took notice of the new developments in real estate and the transition Miami was making from a vacation destination, to a thriving city. His company, Metrik Real Estate has been active in pulling in investors and clients from abroad.

Samuel Strauch and his company always stay open to new ideas and study the possibilities they can bring. Proper execution of ideas is important, or you won’t succeed. Paying attention to how people in new generations live and work is something he really wants to be aware of.

After leaving college, he worked for a big company in their operational department, quickly coming to the decision that, with his creative way of thinking, this type of work wasn’t for him. He was determined to only pursue projects that would make him happy. Samuel Strauch believes that “life is a lesson and whatever path we take is an essential part of our growth”, and that you should “always think win-win”. He firmly believes in having the correct personnel lined up with the jobs that are suitable for them.

In the 15 years since he started Metrik Holdings, Samuel Strauch has stayed sensitive to the needs of his clients, and investors, and he studies and researches the trends of each age group. He encourages his employees to work together as a team on whatever project the company is involved in. He also wants the company to be involved in activities of the community and to stay up on modern communications and technology. Samuel believes that every individual can make a positive contribution to life, regardless of the size of that contribution.

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