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Ryan Seacrest: Not a Moment of Rest

Born in Atlanta Georgia in the 1974, Ryan Seacrest was already DJ-ing on radio at the age of 16, weekends while still in high school. It’s as if he hit the ground running when he considered his career in the public eye. Television and movies followed and today he seems to be doing everything, and then some. He hosted several TV shows, including in 2001 Ultimate Revenge on TNN. In 2001, FOX created American Idol, really the first of the now popular talent shows televised for solely future singing stars, whatever the genre (Professionaltales).

He took over a host when Clark’s health was faltering, and was asked to host on E! for NBC, then shortly after launching RSP (Ryan Seacrest Productions). He produces currently a handful of television shows, including Keeping up With the Kardashians. Ryan co-hosted that first year, and when it took off in popularity, Ryan was the sole host of American Idol and continued hosting until the series ended. He was at that time the highest paid host in television history, but wait; he is now hosting the reboot ABC! In 2005 he started producing “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve” with Dick Clark.

He replaced Rick Dees in Los Angeles at KIIS Radio to broadcast the weekly countdown in 2004, which is now On Air With Ryan Seacrest in New York, and he joined Kelly Rippa on her morning show in 2017 in New York now, Live With Kelly and Ryan. It’s doubtful he has much time to enjoy leisure time, or truly get a full night’s rest!

His accomplishments are numerous and unique, in that his talent and consistency in each area can deem him the media prince, as he is only 44 years old. He currently lives with Shayna Taylor, a model, and seems from the little stories he tells about his personal life very close to his mother, always giving a shout-out to her on special days. Seacrest may just be the American dream example for others to study and be very motivated by today.

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