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Rondo’s Broken Face May Keep Him Out

When the Dallas Mavericks acquired the 28 year old point guard Rajon Rondo from the Boston Celtics, it was thought that owner Mark Cuban and General Manager Donnie Nelson had made the right moves and that the team was returning back to its championship form that has been removed over the past three seasons. However, with the star point guard suffering broken bones in his face there is a chance that his season maybe over and the hopes for Maverick redemption maybe over as well. As a point guard, his presence is felt more than just on the scoreboard. The position is looked at as the starting block for scoring drives down the court and is relied on at the edge of the defense.

The Mavericks have reported that Rondo has nasal and orbital fractures and will miss at least the next three games. However, fans like Lee Slaughter know that it is more likely he will be out for the rest of the season. With the team in third place currently in the division behind the Houston Rockets and the first place Memphis Grizzlies every game is critical to their year. Doing this without any member of their roster would be difficult, but since Rondo’s addition to the team there have been very few other players that have caught the attention of fans and opponents. Obviously, the Mavs will now turn to their three other point guards of Devin Harris, JJ Barrera and Raymond Felton to pick up the slack.

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