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Ronald Fowlkes an American hero improving the tactical gear industry.

Ronald Fowlkes has worked with Eagle Industries Unlimited since the year 2008. Eagle Industries unlimited is based in Fenton, Missouri and it focuses on producing unique and quality products which include Chest rigs, armor carriers, slings, and belts. The firm has been operating for over three decades in building military and sporting gears. Eagle Industries Unlimited is a popular brand in the market for tactical equipment, and their primary market is the military, law enforcement, shooting enthusiasts for sports and tactical market all over the world. Also, the firm also majors on products like reloading gear, sports, and optics shooting equipment. Ronald Fowlkes, popularly known as ‘Ronnie’ has been a key player in the contribution to the success of Eagle Industries Unlimited. He has brought to the table his military and law enforcement experience and has proven an important asset for the organization. Ronald Fowlkes was a member of the Marine Corps for four years served his country so well that he received two promotions. He has an extensive Marine combat training since he attended the Marine Corps School of Infantry and is also a veteran of the Gulf War. He also served in the law enforcement where he worked at St. Louis County Police Department and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. He was also a DOD contractor for the army of the USA in Iraq and worked with Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). They were tasked with the responsibility for mounting and dismounting infantry operations in combat zones. Ronald Fowlkes has a very vital role in Eagle Industries Unlimited where he serves as the Business Development Manager. He maintains a constant contact with all the customers for the firm across the country and also educates people about the products. Ronald Fowlkes also has the task of educating over 150 sales people of the company on products and how they function. Also, Ronald Fowlkes is in charge of selecting the production needs for the firm’s division of sales and development. Ronald Fowlkes is a huge fan of hockey and also coaches a team that his children are on. He also writes blogs and recently wrote about how fighting in hockey championships has reduced dramatically. Fighting during hockey matches has been a culture, and it served to motivate players who had conceded few goals.


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