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Rocking With A Michael Jackson Impersonator

Michael Jackson was a superstar with a very long career. During his career, the mega-star attracted millions of fans from around the world. Of course, numerous people have tried to imitate the star and his slick moves on stage. However, most fail to capture the magic that was Michael Jackson. However, Sergio Cortes is one Jackson impersonator that comes very close to the real deal. This impersonator has the looks, the moves, and the vocals that quickly remind you of the original Michael Jackson. He is a tremendous talent and his stage performance is outstanding.

The talented Michael Jackson impersonator was born in Spain. Certainly, many fans are surprised by that fact became his impersonation is so close to that of the real Michael Jackson. The younger Sergio became a fan of Jackson quickly. He would spend endless hours trying to duplicate the singer’s moves and singing style. Clearly, all that practice paid off. Later on, Sergio was approached by a professional photographer that was intrigued by his looks and close resemblance to Jackson. He asked the young man to pose for him and took pictures. Soon the young performer’s popularity grew in Spain. He appeared in numerous publications around the country. Cortes continued working on his impersonation of the superstar. Soon, he was known as one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the country. Now, his popularity is spreading world-wide.

Sergio Cortes has continued to work on his impersonation. Those that have experienced his performance in person are in awe. His stage performance, voice, and manner are strikingly similar to the King of Pop. Clearly, his performance demonstrates that the performer has a very deep respect and love for the superstar. Cortes performs on stage with his own backup singers, and a great sounding band. Fans will be amazed at the striking similarity. In fact, his shows are strikingly similar to Jackson. For one moment, many fans might think that they are watching the real Jackson perform on stage.

Sergio Cortes fans are growing. Certainly, the performer has a very large fan base in his own country. However, more people are discovering this very talented performer. Clearly, his fan base will continue to grow and reach those around the world. Those Michael Jackson fans that attend a Sergio Cortes performance will not be disappointed. Check out his performance the next time he performs in your area.

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