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Rocketship Education’s Preston Smith Talks About The State Of Education In San Jose

Education is one of the most important factors in shaping the future of a society. With good education, the community is assured of better living standards, as the poor members of the community are provided with an opportunity to rise out of the poverty cycle. Preston Smith has dedicated his career towards ensuring that San Jose and the larger California region enjoy quality education. However, he is alarmed by the overall deterioration of the quality of education in public schools in the region. Rocketship Education has been rendering its services to students from poor backgrounds in the city. In a recent article, Smith noted that San Jose was losing its position as the launching pad for the American Dream. The educator quoted a recent study by the University of California and Harvard University that found that in the 80s, children from poor families in the region had much better chances of becoming successful. During those years, the probability of underprivileged children to succeed in life was at par with kids from progressive nations like Denmark and Canada.

Over the years, situations have changed. Low-income families are in a rough spot than ever before. This is because of the skyrocketing housing costs in the city, segregation of the poor and limited job opportunities to the middle class. It is clear that the future of the region is not as bright as it was in the past. Preston believes that all hope is not lost. He is encouraging the residents of San Jose to work together towards strengthening the region’s public education system. The educator adds that his contribution to education in the last fifteen years has brought positive changes to the few children who have gone through his school network, the Rocketship Education. The school network has given students from low-income families the opportunity to be the first in their families to graduate from high school and join colleges. Smith is confident that these beneficiaries will be able to get out of the poverty circle that has plagued most families for generations.

Rocketship Education is a provider of high quality elementary education. The school network uses a student-based approach where each child is taught based on his or her capability. This approach ensures that students are able to capitalize on their weak points while enhancing their strengths. The school network is headquartered in San Jose. The network operates in a number of states, including Wisconsin, California and Washington D.C.

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