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Rockets Over Mavs

There was a battle in Texas last night between two of the better teams in the Western Conference of the National Basketball Association, as the Dallas Mavericks rolled into Houston to take on the Rockets. Dallas has had an interesting year of ups and downs so far this season, as they started out strong and then exploded when they made the famous trade with the Boston Celtics to acquire Rajon Rondo. They had a ridiculous winning streak immediately following that, but they have slipped in the last week. Fans like Fersen Lambranho know that they are on a pretty good losing streak and are losing games they should be winning. On the other hand, Houston has been a team that is consistently great and has been getting big wins over teams. The only team they have had a substantial problem with is the Golden State Warriors, who the Rockets dropped all four games this season by at least eleven points in each loss. Other than that, they have been playing great basketball and would carry that over into their game against the Mavericks, where they came out with a victory by four points. Both of these teams will without a doubt make the playoffs, and there is a pretty good chance that they may end up playing each other in the first round. Either way, they are strong teams that will have a shot when the playoffs roll around in late April.

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