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Rick Smith: The Innovative Technology Entrepreneur Behind the Success of Securus Technologies

Rick Smith heads the operations and investment strategies of Securus Technologies, a company that shines in the provision of technology solutions to the incarcerated community. Rick joined Securus Technologies back in 2008, and he has strived to help the business to achieve its goals while providing high-class services.

Rick Smith’s education and career history

Rick is a graduate with a master’s degree in the disciplines business management and mathematics. He did his degrees at the respected State University of New York and famed Simon School of business. Rick also has a degree in electrical engineering from the well-regarded Rochester Institute of Technology. He has a keen interest in technology accompanied with an extensive work experience. Rick initiated his career in 1992 at Frontier Corp. He worked for this company for six years and held various executive positions, including president of IT, controller, and the director of network plant operations. Before leaving the firm, Rick served as the head of financial management. In 1998, he joined Eschelon Technologies Inc., as the company’s chief finance officer. During his tenure in this venture, he rose above ranks to the position of COO and later president of the enterprise. Rick served as boss of this company for over a decade before joining Securus Technologies. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Rick Smith’s role at Securus Technologies

A year after joining Securus, Rick Smith was made the chairman of the board of directors. Securus Technologies has been operational for over three decades. This company has excelled in the provision of investigative and inmate services. Under Rick’s management, this company has been able to provide customized products that keep prisoners comfortable while in prison. Some of the services include kiosks and access to finances. Securus Technologies also offers platforms for video and phone visitation. These services enable prisoners to keep in touch with their family members and friends. This company has invested more than $600 million to develop their cutting-edge products.

Rick Smith Securus recently launched a technology that inhibits entry of contraband to correctional facilities. This product, popularly known as the Cell Defender Technology, was developed through a joint effort with Harris Corporation. This company is also responsible for establishing a Wireless Containment Solution that detects contraband. Rick has overseen the development and launch of various patented products. Securus Technologies has received numerous awards, including the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service and Gold Award for the client service training team of the year. Other awards include the young customer service professional and customer service milestone of the year award. Rick is also an award-winning executive and the member of the board of Integra Telcom Co Ltd and Escheleon Telecom Inc. He has several other side investments and funds the Global Health Action. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

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