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Ricardo Tosto; One of the Most Successful Lawyers in Brazil

In many parts of the universe, lawyers have been able to make a name for themselves to the point of gaining respect from other professions and every individual. They have been an envy for very many people because of the way they carry themselves, their lifestyle, the respect they receive from others. Regardless of having all these, for you to become a lawyer you need to be ready to sacrifice very many things. When children are growing up and asked what they want to be in future, a lot of these kids majorly answer either a doctor or lawyer. This proves that these two professions are high-profile occupations that every wants to become original source.

In Brazil, it’s the same case as being a lawyer is still receiving positive feedback. The government in Brazil has been seen to support lawyers and the profession through establish numerous law schools compared to other countries. For you to be a certified lawyer, you require first to undergo a five-year mentor-ship in any faculty of law and later get admitted to the bar where you have to pass the Brazilian bar examination. This proves that all Brazilian lawyers are well learned on matters to do with the law which explain the reason as to why Ricardo Tosto is highly valued.

Having been born in 1963, Ricardo Tosto has gradually become a highly respected lawyer in Brazil. He underwent his mentor-ship at Mackenzie University where he acquired his theoretical knowledge and graduated with his law degree. After taking part in the Brazilian bar exam, he passed with flying color that enabled him to become a lawyer he is today. He started from a tiny office to owning his very own law firm. His success is something every lawyer wants to have considering he represents people from all walks of life including politicians and multi-billion organizations. Through serving many prominent personalities in Brazil, he has gained a lot of attention not only in the country but also in the entire world.

From the multiple clients Tosto receives, he decided to become a founding partner of one of Brazil’s law firm, Leite, Tosto e Barros. It became easy for locals and visitors who were in need of his services as they would now be referred to the law firm. He hopes to continue offering his service to everybody regardless of their social background and help in transforming Brazil’s legal system.


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