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Ricardo Guimarães Has Put BMG Bank In The Tennis Business

Brazil and great tennis players are not usually used in the same sentence when the topic of tennis is brought up, but Brazil has produced some excellent tennis players. Men like Marcelo Melo, André Sá, Thomas Bellucci, and Gustavo Kuerten have become tennis idols in Brazil, and there is a crop of new players coming up behind them that are as talented as these tennis stars. Most people overlook Brazilian tennis players because other South American countries have produced some world-class tennis players.
Argentine tennis star Guillermo Vilas is considered the best South American tennis player of all time. Villas won two Australian titles, a US Open Title and the French Open. He is one of the strongest left-handed players of all time, and it has been years since anyone has created enough excitement to take down the ruling South American tennis master. But BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães thinks he has found a player that will win as many tennis titles as Vilas. Vilas was a singles player, and Melo is a doubles player. Tennis great, Marcelo Melo is winning major titles this year, and Guimarães likes to surround himself with winners

People ask Ricardo why he spends so much money sponsoring sports like Brazilian football and tennis and his answer is usually a simple one. Sporting events and banking go hand-in-hand. That is certainly true in Brazil. Brazilians can’t get enough sports. Football is the main passion, but surprising as it sounds, tennis is not far behind football. Guimarães says people like companies that support sports and he certainly has the documentation to confirm that fact.
BMG Bank is a leader in Brazilian consignment credit, and Guimarães says football helped the bank become a leader. The difference between a Brazilian tennis lover and football lover is pretty obvious, according to Guimarães. Football fans come from all walks of life, but tennis fans are more educated and have more money to spend. The Melo deal will give BMG Bank more exposure to the tennis market, and that means more consignment loans.
BMG Bank employees are excited about the Melo agreement. Melo will wear the BMG logo on his shirts and bank employees will wear the same shirts in the bank. Family owned BMG Bank knows how to market sports figures in Brazil and around the world. There’s no doubt Melo will be the next big tennis superstar, thanks to Guimarães.


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