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Restoring and Beautifying Hair with WEN

Maintaining one’s hair can be difficult, especially if one does not know the essential ways to protect their hair. According to wikipedia, this process can be challenging specifically for women, as they go through the thinning and weakening of their hair stands by the age of forty. However, with the correct maintenance routine, any woman can achieve beautiful, healthy and full hair.

The weakening and thinning of hair is particularly due to damage including the constant use of heat styles like flat and curling irons, the repeated use of tight ponytail holders, which put tension on the hair strands and can even result in alopecia if tied too tight. In addition to unhealthy styling techniques, many women struggle to find and use the right products for their hair types. For example, many women rely on holding and fixing hairsprays to give their hair shine and hold, however, these sprays simply stiffen the hair strands and with prolonged use, can even make one’s hair brittle and prone to breakage.

Women need to be able to access and use products that will nourish, strengthen, and protect their hair for longevity. One of the world’s most up and coming hair brands is “WEN” by Chaz Dean. WEN hair care products are designed to repair and beautify hair, in order to remedy all the abuse many women obliviously put their hair through. WEN’s creator, Chaz Dean, focuses on using natural ingredients to protect and rejuvenate women’s hair. Therefore, none of the brand’s products contain harsh sulfates, like sodium lauryl sulfates, which are often placed in other hair shampoos and as a result, dry out the scalp.

Some products that can be used to nourish hair include the Anti-Frizz Styling Creme, which prevents breakage and strengthens hair strands, and another is the Cleansing Conditioner (, which is infused with soothing herbs and botanicals in order to achieve silky, smooth, and polished hair. The brand’s creator, Chaz Dean, focuses on creating products that will not only improve their health of hair but also give women the ability to find confidence and happiness in the looks and health of their hair. With products like these from WEN, any woman can achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy, and full hair. Read more about Wen on


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