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Rebooting Russia’s Economy with the Skolkovo Foundation

Alexei Beltyukov is the Adviser of the Skolkovo Foundation in Russia. He created the Skolkovo Foundation in 2010 to help facilitate more technology and business companies. The foundation also assists entrepreneurs and inventors throughout Russia. The foundation’s purpose is to help fix or eliminate issues within Russia that did not exist in previous decades.

Because of Russia’s economic problems, he has provided his ideas on what Russia will need to regain investors and fix all the issues within their economy. He states that Russian entrepreneurs should be encouraged and rewarded for their attempts and accomplishments. The Russian entrepreneurs and small business owners need to be supported and assisted by the government so that they flourish. That is the main goal of his foundation.

The foundation offers advice and strategies and allow businesses to use tax relief for their businesses. This allows them to have more funds to pay for research and development of new products. Other strategies relate to conducting business and gaining more investors, while keeping costs low. There are several grants that the foundation offer for investing in entrepreneurs and their businesses. These grants can be used to create a new business as well.

Because of the foundation’s willingness to invest in Russia’s up and coming businesses, nearly 14,000 jobs have been established within new companies throughout the country. That investment has also helped more than 1,000 companies with tax advice and grants. It has allowed for more entrepreneurs to branch off of their original ideas and explore new areas of their product or create a new business.

The foundation alone cannot get the Russian economy back to where it once was. the government needs to take action, like the foundation has, and support its new entrepreneurs so that they continue to create and expand their businesses.  Follow Alexei on Twitter for more, and be sure to read his full bio on

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