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Prevagen Supplements and Exercise To Help Improve Brain Health

We get amazed when we look around and see the older generation doing amazing physical feats like running marathons and staying more active than other people their age.

These senior citizens stand out to the rest of the world as incredibly exceptional people and they remind us that it is not impossible for us to age gracefully.

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While it is possible for the body and the mind to age well, research shows that it is vital to exercise and eat well in order to obtain that goal. In fact, there is a new supplement known as Prevagen that has just hit the market that has ingredients that suggest it can help enhance the health and function of the brain.

In recent clinical trials, Prevagen has been shown to start having positive healing effects on mild memory loss that happens naturally as we age.

What is some evidence that supports the effectiveness of these clinical trials

1.) The company that created Prevagen did a placebo-controlled clinical study fr 90 days. Over the course of this time, the computer-assessed, and double-blinded study showed results that showed improved cognitive function in people who took the Prevagen pill.

2.) They also did a clinical trial in actual adults who were suffering from mild cognitive impairment as a result of just getting older and nothing else. The results showed that when they took a Prevagen pill once a day for 90 days, their mental health began to improve.

3.) Clinical researchers who created this say that Prevagen can potentially help improve your memory, support healthy brain function, help you keep a sharp mind as you get older, and assist you in thinking clearly as you age.

How exercise can help improve your brain’s health

There have been several studies done on the link between mental health and physical health and fitness. The fact that staying active and working out can help keep you mentally healthy is something that is encouraging people to move more often and stay mentally fit as well as physically fit.

Exercise also helps keep the brain from suffering from cognitive decline as you age meaning it will keep you young in more way than one.

Exercise leads to better concentration

When you get in a good workout every day, it will help teach your brain how to focus better when you have a new task in front of you.

Just looking at the life of a child alone, we can see that after they go out and play for just 20-30 minutes, they are able to have a longer attention span in class and get more done. The more exercise we do, the better physical shape we get in and the less distracted we find ourselves in.

Exercise helps slow down cognitive decline

You don’t have to go out and run a full marathon every single day in order to help keep your brain happy and healthy.

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Simply going out for a brisk walk or a job for as little as 30-40 minutes a day can help improve cognitive function, improve balance, and improve overall health.

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