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Peter Harris- Self Reconstruction

Peter Harris is a thought leader and entrepreneur in the finance market. He has been the managing director and chief executive officer at CBL Corporation. He has a belief in building quality partnerships with the aim of the growth of the international market. Harris leads a global team to provide reinsurance and specialty insurance based on financial risk and credit in the contracting, building, and construction firms. Harris developed the successful international growth of the CBL strategy and increased the number of employees in the firm from 2 to 550 in more than 25 countries.

Peter Harris, before joining CBL, he began his career as a manufacturing executive and investment banker before shifting into finance.

Peter Harris gained his early working experience when he was working at Fletcher Steel, where he was an accountant. He has always been a determined and hardworking entrepreneur. Harris received the Air New Zealand Young Businessman Award while working at Fletcher Industries in Auckland.

Over the years, Peter Harris has been working for various insurance companies and investment banking, where he provided skill and build his career. Harris joined the insurance broking and finance sector after leaving accounting for heavy commercial equipment and property sector. He noticed that even if banks offered funds at low-interest rates, more money was made by taking high risks that could be mitigated through surety solutions and innovative use of credit enhancements. He was looking for a new avenue for such funds, and CBL was the available option.

The growth of CBL and success allowed Peter Harris and the board of CBL to take the firm into public in 2015. The firm was then listed as the Australian and New Zealand stock exchange during the year. In 2017, CBL’s value of shares had increased by double. The firm joined NZX 50 and reached an NZ value of $780 million.

The successful efforts of Peter Harris were due to long-term and enduring relationships with similar organizations that appreciate and value the commitments of CBL to its hard work, principles and focus on the professional and client CBL team of supporters. Peter Harris has helped CBL to a profitable firm due to its global expansion.

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