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Peter Harris – Managing CBL Corp

Peter Harris, former CEO and Managing Director of CBL Insurance Corporation in Auckland, New Zealand, has been working in the insurance industry for much of his career.

Since receiving a Master’s Degree from the University of Auckland, Peter Harris has held professional memberships in a myriad of councils and foundations around New Zealand and Australia. Currently, he is a member of the Australian Graduate School of Management, the New Zealand Latin America Business Council, the New Zealand Institute of Management, and the Spirit of New Zealand Foundation.

In addition to his memberships, Harris had been a board member in a number of firms from New Zealand and Australia such as the European Insurance Services Ltd, Assetinsure Holdings Ltd, Eurasia Investments Ltd, and Alliance Investments Ltd. His current position includes his responsibilities as the Managing Director and board member of CBL Corp Ltd. Peter Harris began his tenure at CBL Corp Ltd in 2007, a little over a decade ago. CBL Corp is a regional insurance company operating in the Auckland area in New Zealand. It has several acquired companies located around New Zealand and Australia and has been trying to expand globally. Throughout 2016 and 2017, CBL Corp had posted steady results. In 2016, CBL Corp acquired Assetinsure Holdings, one of Australia’s largest surety bond insurers, Professional Fee Protection Ltd, an insurance provider based in the United Kingdom, and Securities and Financial Solutions Europe SA, a French construction insurance provider.

At the time of the acquisitions in 2016, Harris believed that the developments of markets in Latin America, North America, and Australia were within CBL Corp’s future plans. In 2017, Harris looked into filing for regulatory approval to participate in a bid for the acquisition of Affirmative Direct Insurance Company, an insurance business operating in the United States. Harris stated that if this acquisition was successful, it would provide CBL Corp an entrance into the United States insurance market, a move that Harris believed to be greatly beneficial to the company.

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