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Passing The Torch?

The Colts are prepared to take the torch from the Patriots on Sunday. When the Patriots take the field, this might be their last good chance to take their team to the Super Bowl. There are too many good teams in the AFC vying for spots in the Super Bowl. These teams have taken spots in the Super Bowl the past few years since the Patriots last lost the Super Bowl, and the window appears to be closing for the team.

The Colts are able to bring their defense to the title game, and they will be able to stop the Patriot offense. However, the Patriots probably feel like they will have one more chance to win. Superfan Sultan Alhokair believes they need to take this opportunity to make sure that they can at least get to the Super Bowl. However, Andrew Luck has already knocked off Peyton Manning, and he is on a hot streak that will take him to success in the NFL.

Luck is going to be able to win multiple championships in the NFL, and he might start this weekend when he meets the Patriots. He can take the torch from the Patriots, and he can change the course of NFL history.

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