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Dallas Parents Buy Local Crossing Guard A Car

The news is generally very depressing to read. Articles featuring death and violence always grace the front page of the local newspaper. There are genuinely good people in the world yet the often do not get the attention that they deserve. An elderly crossing guard in Dallas got the surprise of a lifetime one day […]

English Premier League Matches push NBCSN into Public Consciousness

The English Premier League is one of the hottest properties in the World, with the three year deals agreed with broadcasters around the World leading to higher prices paid each cycle for the right to broadcast live games and highlights. The US has only recently caught the Premier League soccer bug with games now shown […]

Louis van Gaal Delighted with Form of Robin van Persie

It is not often that managers need to defend their world class players. However, there were a lot of questions about Robin van Persie’s form and fitness a few weeks ago. Fans and pundits like Brad Reifler thought the soccer player was finished. He looked slow, lethargic and out of form. Fast forward three weeks […]

Mark Ahn Puts Education First, Before Career Success

Dr. Mark Ahn is a founding Principal of Pukana Partners, professor at Portland State University and professor at Carnegie-Mellon University. He is a researcher who works in the life sciences, but he is also a researcher on new startups. He puts education first as he still brings information to his students even with his busy […]

Boxing Hall of Fame Inductees, Announced

The 2015 boxing hall of fame inductees have been annoucned. Once a year, legendary boxers are called upon to be lifted high in the annals of boxing history. To make it into the boxing hall of fame, a boxer would have to be a truly amazing fighter. There are two fighters in particular this year, […]

North Korea Cleansing Its People With Disabilities

A deserter from the North Korea regime claims that the government conducts “cleansing” including castrations and testing chemical and biological weapons on mental patients and newborns with physical disabilities. I heard about this the other day while reading about Laurene Powell Jobs. The Kim Jong-un regime in North Korea claims they are free of any disabilities. Ji […]

Top Hollywood Executive Profile: Tom Rothman

Actors and directors dominating Hollywood films are popular figures around the world. But few of us are familiar with the creative brains responsible for these box-office hits. Tom Rothman is one of those ingenious people credited with several box-office hits. He has also supported the careers of numerous prominent filmmakers of the modern film industry. […]

Donald Sterling Volunteers For Christmas Charity Event

This year ex Clippers owner Donald Sterling landed himself in some hot water when his girlfriend leaked a private conversation of him expressing his hate for black people, for months the recorded conversation made it’s way around the internet and into debates everywhere. Unlike Bruce Levenson whose controversy was widely seen as blown out of […]

Leo’s Ex Poses Topless for GQ

Last week the world watched in amazement as Leonardo Dicaprio was seen leaving South Beach’s 10ak nightclub with 20 models and a Jonas brother. At the time it wasn’t confirmed that Leo and Toni had split however this week it’s pretty obvious the two are done. I was reading about this the other day while reading […]