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Top Hollywood Executive Profile: Tom Rothman

Actors and directors dominating Hollywood films are popular figures around the world. But few of us are familiar with the creative brains responsible for these box-office hits. Tom Rothman is one of those ingenious people credited with several box-office hits. He has also supported the careers of numerous prominent filmmakers of the modern film industry. […]

Donald Sterling Volunteers For Christmas Charity Event

This year ex Clippers owner Donald Sterling landed himself in some hot water when his girlfriend leaked a private conversation of him expressing his hate for black people, for months the recorded conversation made it’s way around the internet and into debates everywhere. Unlike Bruce Levenson whose controversy was widely seen as blown out of […]

Leo’s Ex Poses Topless for GQ

Last week the world watched in amazement as Leonardo Dicaprio was seen leaving South Beach’s 10ak nightclub with 20 models and a Jonas brother. At the time it wasn’t confirmed that Leo and Toni had split however this week it’s pretty obvious the two are done. I was reading about this the other day while reading […]

Demarco Murray Having Surgery

Demarco Murray, running back for the Dallas Cowboys, is having hand surgery this Monday after injuring the hand during a game against the Philadelphia Eagles, a division rival this past Sunday. The injury that Murray is facing is a broken bone in his left hand. Despite the injury, Murray is considered to be an option […]

Katy Perry Dyes Her Hair Again

Fan Keith Mann points out that iut of all of her many habits, perhaps one of Katy Perry’s most prominent of them is her love of changing the colour of her lustrous hair. The pop star continues to shock us with her exotic taste in clothes and her choice of hair colours. Though the year is […]