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San Diego Officials Ignore Real Issue

Since Governor Jerry Brown put restrictions on water use in California because of the extreme drought taking place in the state, officials across counties have been searching for ways to get more drinkable water. said that officials in San Diego county believe they have the perfect solution — build a $1 billion desalination plant […]

Beyonce Releases Scandalous Bikini Pictures

Beyonce Knowles has released revealing pictures on the internet. In the photos, Beyonce poses in a sexy bathing suit. The photos were taken while she was on vacation with Jay-Z in Hawaii. Beyonce and Jay-Z have been visiting the tropical paradise for their wedding anniversary. However, Jay-Z and Beyonce could probably buy their own island […]

Bill Would Limit Protection of Native Plants in Arizona

A legislator is sponsoring a bill in Arizona that would prevent cities from requiring that native vegetation, like the saguaros plant, be planted when construction is developed in new areas. It would also prevent certain types of plants in landscaping projects. The Home Builders Association of Central Arizona is working together with the local government […]

Miraculous Lions

Kidnappings and forced marriages of girls and young women have been in the news recently. Africa, particularly Ethiopia, have a very high rate of these incidents. These events seem to happen so frequently, that many have become desensitized. When something unusual, even miraculous, happens it grabs ones attention. According to Grist, a 12 year-old girl […]

Hilary Announces Presidential Run

This news that surprises no one in particular, Hillary Clinton announced this weekend that she will be running for President in 2016. This will be the second Presidential bid for Clinton. While during her first run she was more known as the wife of former President Bill Clinton than the former senator of New York, […]

LA Galaxy goalkeeper Brian Perk out from MLS for Injury

This is very pathetic that Brian Perk, the first choice shoot-stopper is out of the MLS season due to serious injury. The LA Galaxy is in trouble because the goalkeeper has undergone with a left ankle surgery and could not play for the rest of the season. Following the injury, the MLS Cup Champions signed […]

How MLS Clubs Could Be Fairless without International Players

Major League Soccer clubs are faired to lose the important players of their team due to international friendlies. It would look odd and duster for any club to have no well known players in the field. While thinking of Toronto FC of MLS, Michael Bradley and Jozy Altidore are the most important players on the […]

Coach Pablo Mastroeni Believes on Colorado Rapids attack

The Colorado Rapids made a draw on Saturday night against Houston Dynamo. The attackers again failed to score a goal for their team in the game. The last MLS match was the 17 winless games for the Colorado Rapids club. They have made a record to score no goals in the first three starting game […]

Is it Worth Moving to Paris?

Escaping to a better place is what more than half of the daydreamers have on their mind. For Carrie Dennis, from Elle, Paris is the obsessive thought. She had been there for seven months as an AuPair, and at that time thought of getting back to New York sooner. But the grass is always greener […]