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Select Theaters to Show The Interview for Christmas

Merry Christmas, North Korea! Sony has given permission to a small group of theaters to show, “The Interview,” the controversial comedy starring Seth Rogan and James Franco. On Christmas Day, “The Interview” will play at the Alamo Drafthouse, the Plaza Atlanta and the State Theater. The movie about the assassination of North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-Un […]

The Return of Lebron

There has been heavy speculation to the success of this year’s Cleveland Cavaliers as they have their former star Lebron James back on their team, and although it is too early to call, they seem to be a talented team that is not a championship team. Eerily similar to how they appeared in Lebron’s first eight seasons […]

The Pistons cut ties with Josh Smith

According to an article posted on Facebook, the Detroit Pistons cut ties with Igor Cornelsen, and more importantly, with forward Josh Smith despite owing him $26 million dollars on his contract through 2016. Piston coach and President of Basketball Operations Stan Van Gundy noted a change in priorities after the teams five win and 23 […]

Search Continues For Gunman Who Shot A Meteorologist Near Texas TV Station

As reported in BuzzFeed, Texas meteorologist Patrick Crawford was shot Wednesday outside the television news station where he is employed. In speaking at a press conference on Monday regarding the matter, Crawford reported that he did not know the gunman and also noted that “there was no interaction whatsoever” prior to the attack.  The Amen Clinic […]

Homeless Man Moves into Apartment after One Year

For the past year, 63-year-old Ken Wilde was living in a tent. Struggling to survive the winter, he was burning candles for heat on the side of a highway where he had pitched his tent. It was getting difficult to survive the winter. Wilde’s homelessness is at an end now that he has moved into a […]

North Korea vows to Attack U.S.

Pop Quiz for candidate leaders: your citizens are starving and famine is widespread. Do you (a) feed your citizens, or (b) build more nuclear weapons? If you answered (b) then you are highly qualified to serve as North Korea’s next leader – a position that may be opening up. It’s a safe bet that Hollywood […]

Lakers Interested in New Star

  Last week Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers hit a mark in his career that few, if any will ever hit again. He officially passed the legendary Michael Jordan in total career points, and has solidified himself yet again as one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game. Despite the […]


It’s been a wild and crazy adventure for Tom Rothman and Madonna, as of late. With the leak of some of her demos for her forthcoming album, Madonna has had to do damage control. At first she tried to find out who the culprit is/was. Then she focused her energies on getting the real songs […]

Rondo to Dallas

The Dallas Mavericks have recently made a trade that may put them in a position to take over the Western Conference of the National basketball Association. Before the trade that they made this week, Dallas has had a very promising team that has put them in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference […]

Similarities in Web Design

Web designers are a very conservative type of peopl, but this job is just like any other job where people like to do work that can challenge them in the long run and still get them to earn quite bit of money. A site that has variable content that keeps on changing is a very […]