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Water Fuel

Australian scientists have developed an electrode that can be scaled up to industrially produce power reports Brian Torchin. An inexpensive, specially coated foam is used to rapidly disperse oxygen molecules. It is the most economical oxygen producing, hydrogen by electrolysis (splitting water into its separate atoms of hydrogen and oxygen by electrical current) on the market. […]

Why So Many People are Using Skout

Meeting new people can be a chore on its own, especially considering the fact that most social media sites are aimed more for people who already have friends, coworkers and relatives to connect with online. The problem that many people have is that they want to be able to find people local to them with […]

Nadal Ousted in Quarterfinal

If you did not it was only the quarterfinals of the French Open, you may think that Djokovic just won it. Djokovic just did something very impressive. He just did something that may be even bigger than winning the Open. Something that no other has ever done since 2005. He just defeated Rafael Nadal in […]

WikiLeaks Offers 100 Grand to Anyone Who will Leak Secret Copy of TPP Agreement

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) represents the largest trade treaty in global history covering 40% of the planet’s gross domestic product (GDP). United States labor unions have mounted a campaign to get the president to make public the text of the TPP agreement. Folks at FreedomPop know that, thus far, cleared advisors are only allowed […]

‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ Script Officially Drafted

Super heroes have been crushing the box office at movie theaters across the world for a few years now. Anticipation of specific releases can often drive fans into a frenzy that causes waves on social media by generating a massive amount of buzz about small developments behind the scenes. After the unexpected success of “Guardians […]

Adrian Peterson Flinches, to Join Vikings in OTA’s

The saga of Adrian Peterson is becoming as tiring as watching a Minnesota Vikings game typically becomes. Boraie Development reported when the man was hit with child abuse charges we couldn’t help but shake our head and say, “Really?”. Just two years ago Peterson had tragically lost a child due to child abuse at the […]

The “Situation” Settles Down

Mike Sorrentino is one of the most famous reality show stars in recent memory. He is known for his role on ‘Jersey Shore,’ and Mike quickly became known as the situation. Mike Sorrentino became world famous from ‘Jersey Shore,’ and his exploits as the “Situation” became legendary. However, the “Situation” is now over the age […]

The Power Of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a great inspiration to us all. She has amazing music out there, and she is a great person. But, now she may have done something that is bigger than anything else in her career. She may have just saved the lives of three of her fans. Three teen girls were on their way […]