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Blame it on the Train

Eight people were tragically killed during a train derailment last month in Philadelphia. Reports were released this week stating that the engineer who was operating the train at the time, was not using his personal cell phone when the train jumped the tracks. Police and friends and families of the victims were afraid that this […]

Purina’s New National Campaign

A new national campaign was launched June 8, 2015 by Purina that features the people who make the Beneful Brand Dog Food explaining their reasons for feeding it to their dogs. The commercial defends the quality and safety of its product against misinformation presented by a class action lawsuit that is baseless. Associates of Purina […]

Andre Johnson: “Luck best in the NFL.”

Andre Johnson may never have played a snap for the Indianapolis Colts, not until pre-season begins, but he knows greatness when he sees it. So far the 12 year veteran has been nothing but impressed by head Colts QB Andrew Luck. Johnson, known for his serious demeanor and lack of a vocal presence, called Luck […]

Prison Worker Helped Two Convict Escaped

The two convicts who escaped a prison in New York had help from a prison worker who provided them the power tools to enable them to escape. Prison Worker Helped Escaped Convicts Break Out of PrisonĀ  Sources have confirmed that the female prison worker was a supervisor and gave the two inmates the power tools […]

Age of the Shakedown

Police officers are entitled to seize money that they find during raids and sting operations. As many across the country are beginning to find out, police officers are finding ways to work around the law in order to seize money from ordinary citizens. These instances are called roadside seizures. An officer can pull you over […]

Water Fuel

Australian scientists have developed an electrode that can be scaled up to industrially produce power reportsĀ Brian Torchin. An inexpensive, specially coated foam is used to rapidly disperse oxygen molecules. It is the most economical oxygen producing, hydrogen by electrolysis (splitting water into its separate atoms of hydrogen and oxygen by electrical current) on the market. […]