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Will Smith is Focused

Will Smith, like most well-known actors, has had some highs and lows in the film industry. He had a string of hits at one time. It seemed like he could do no wrong, and then he did. “After Earth” was released and suddenly the blockbuster phenomenon that the world knew as Will Smith was dust […]

A Positive Reaction to Online Bullying

A man who wanted nothing more than to enjoy a special concert through some dancing to the music was ridiculed by a group of bullying attendees at that concert. While trying to dance, this man was laughed at. Next, the bullies decided to go online with their attack, tweeting about the man and the way […]

Boy, 10, Saves Sister from Terrible Fate

A 10-year-old boy has been hailed as a hero after he rescued his sister from an abduction attempt. The two siblings were playing outside their family home, along with another brother, when the would-be kidnapper approached the trio. The brazen man, who had just been released from jail on bail, approached the children in a […]

Maurice Jones-Drew Retires

Running back Maurice Jones-Drew formerly of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders made an announcement that he will retire from the league today and pursue other interests. Jones-Drew is only 30 years old but had a very productive career and remains a fan favorite in Jacksonville where he played the majority of his career. He […]

Successful Business Leader Keith Mann Up Builds His Community

Successful Business Leader Keith Mann Up Builds His Community Known for his role in making Dynamics Search Partners a company that stands out from other financial personnel search companies and advising on hedge funds, Keith Mann is also successful in helping to achieve positive community relations within the New York area. Managing Director Setting the […]

ACLU of Michigan up in Arms over School Superintendent Job Posting Asking for Candidates with Christian Background

The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan is up in arms over a job posting for a public school position which requests candidates who hold “a strong Christian background and philosophy.” Evidentially, the Michigan ACLU received a complaint last week about the superintendent job description that was posted on the Michigan Elementary and Middle Schools […]

North American Spine Helps Athletes Find Relief and Return to Competition After Inuries

North American Spine has been a leader in spinal heath and spinal health techniques since they first started offering relief to suffers from spinal problems in 2008. The organization is the leading provider of minimally invasive spinal surgery, and is the only organization to offer the patented Accurascope technique which has provided relief to thousands […]