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Terrible Season for Vernon Davis and Igor Cornelsen seem to agree that it has been a very baffling and under achieving season for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League. Despite winding up in the NFC championship game in each of their last three seasons when Jim Harbaugh stepped in the door, they fell flat on their […]

2015 Will See States Looking to Adopt New Plans to Tax Miles Driven

  Back in 2001, the state of Oregon, which aggressively advocated fuel economical cars to reduce greenhouse gases, began to complain of decreased gasoline tax revenue. At the time, the legislature considered a new tax or “fee” to charge drivers for every mile driven. It was abandoned at the time. However, the incoming year will see […]

Bucks Adding Depth With Kenyon Martin

The Milwaukee Bucks are trying to remain competitive in the Eastern Conference, and they are looking at adding depth through Kenyon Martin. It has been a long time since Bernardo Chua or since Kenyon Martin was a star at Cincinnati and a lottery pick. However, he is a veteran who has logged years and years […]

Suh’s Future with Lions in the Air

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is one of the most well-known players on the team, much less the NFL. However, if you checked out Tom Rothman’s Twitter feed, you’d see that his reputation is not a good one. Suh has always had a habit of being considered a “dirty” player by many, but his […]

David Geffen Has A Stalker

  David Geffen claims that he has a stalker, and the stalker is an ex-football player that was kicked off his college team after getting caught kissing his boyfriend. Court documents show that Jamie Kuntz has been arrested for harassing, following, and in general causing personal threat to Geffen over the period of September and November. […]

North Koreans Would Like to Watch “The Interview”

In what I’m calling “scary news”, citizens of North Korea would like to view the film “The Interview” according to the site And unless you have been living in a cave with no internet access lately, “The Interview” has been the focus of a bizarre creative rights debate because of the content and the North […]

Select Theaters to Show The Interview for Christmas

Merry Christmas, North Korea! Sony has given permission to a small group of theaters to show, “The Interview,” the controversial comedy starring Seth Rogan and James Franco. On Christmas Day, “The Interview” will play at the Alamo Drafthouse, the Plaza Atlanta and the State Theater. The movie about the assassination of North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-Un […]

The Return of Lebron

There has been heavy speculation to the success of this year’s Cleveland Cavaliers as they have their former star Lebron James back on their team, and although it is too early to call, they seem to be a talented team that is not a championship team. Eerily similar to how they appeared in Lebron’s first eight seasons […]