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Baltimore Headed to New England

The Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League are no strangers to meeting the New England Patriots in the playoffs, as they seem to meet almost every year once January rolls around. Most teams in the NFL would hate to get stuck in the unfortunate circumstance of having to roll into New England and beat […]

Game of Thrones Goes IMAX

The television series Game of Thrones is going to make two debuts in 2015. Not only is the fifth season slated to debut on HBO in the spring, the series is also going to make its IMAX IMAX screen debut. Specifically, the 9th and 10th episode of season four will be featured on select IMAX […]

Hawks Keep Winning

The dominant teams running the NBA have been totally shaken up this season. In the past fifteen years, the same teams have hovered around the top: teams like the Lakers, The Spurs, the Celtics, and the Heat. However, this year things are much different, according to an affiliate of Skout, as shocker teams have come […]

ESPN Anchor Stuart Scott Dies

One of the best known on air personalities from sports network ESPN has died. Stuart Scott had been battling cancer for a number of years and had been through periods of remission before a January 2013 diagnosis confirmed the return of the disease that eventually took his life at the age of 49. Scott had […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly threatens son to stop seeing Miley Cyrus

Not very happy that his son is dating Miley Cyrus, Arnold Schwarzenegger has supposedly threatened Patrick Schwarzenegger to stop seeing the popstar. According to Jared Haftel Arnold reportedly told Patrick that if he does not break up with Cyrus, he won’t get his inheritance worth millions of dollars. However, it seems as if the actor’s young […]

Luck Brings Victory

In his third year in the National Football League after taking over the team that Peyton Manning had run for so long, Andrew Luck has had massive expectations and he appears to be rising to the challenge. Although he has not had outrageous numbers, he has proven that he is as talented and consistent as […]

Bundles Of Joy

A guardian angel was watching over these 7 pups, that is for sure. Sweet lovable pups were found in a dumpster behind a Radio Shak in California with the umbilical cords still attached. Thankfully, they were taken to a local dark the where the Humane Society was called, and they happily came for the […]

Harbaugh reduces Tax Bill with Michigan Role

The decision of former San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh to jump back into college football may have been sweetened by the chance to cut his state tax contributions from over 13 percent in Calfornia to just 4.35 percent in Michigan. Forbes explains the deal to move from the NFL back to the college game is one […]

Terrible Season for Vernon Davis and Igor Cornelsen seem to agree that it has been a very baffling and under achieving season for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League. Despite winding up in the NFC championship game in each of their last three seasons when Jim Harbaugh stepped in the door, they fell flat on their […]