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Jimmy Fallon Joins Stars for “We Are the Champions” Music Video

  While we’ve learned to expect just about anything from Jimmy Fallon, his newest stunt might surprise fans in a very good way! In an effort to kick-off “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” after the Super Bowl came to an end, Fallon gathered some of his talented friends together and filmed a music video […]

Suge Knight Arrested

Suge Knight was taken into custody after his involvement in a fatal hit and run. The claims say that after fighting with two men at a film set he was working on, he chased them down and ran over them, first backing over them, then driving forward to run them over again. One died from […]

Bettany Set For Further Marvel Appearances As Vision

  When the Avengers: Age of Ultron releases in theaters this May, audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy some new additions to the super hero team. One of those additions is the android known as Vision, who is being played by Paul Bettany. It also appears that Vision may become a permanent part of […]

Rockets Over Mavs

There was a battle in Texas last night between two of the better teams in the Western Conference of the National Basketball Association, as the Dallas Mavericks rolled into Houston to take on the Rockets. Dallas has had an interesting year of ups and downs so far this season, as they started out strong and […]

Warriors in Hindsight

It is pretty comical if you go back and read some of the posts about the Golden State Warriors at the beginning of the season and look at where they are sitting at today. There was a general consensus around the league that the Warriors were a good team and that they had a likely […]

Conor McGregor Is A Wild Man

During the lead up to his bout against Dennis Siver, Conor McGregor proved to be highly disrespectful of his opponent. Despite his unprofessional attitude, McGregor has become one of the biggest stars in recent history. McGregor is a great fighter, but his popularity has been skyrocketing because of his outspoken personality. When Conor McGregor and […]

Chris Pratt Rumored to Lead Indiana Jones Reboot

Disney has the rights to a few of the most loved film franchises of all time. Since the plans of the studio have been pretty clear in regards to Star Wars, there were a lot of questions floating around about the fate of the loveable tough-as-nails archaeologist that trots the globe in search of dangerous […]

Brady’s Reputation Should be Tarnished

  Quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has had a truly amazing career that has put him as one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League despite being picked extremely late in the draft and looking like a mere backup in the NFL. He has experienced tremendous amounts […]

SNL Roasts Brady and Patriots

    The New England Patriots are gearing up for the Super Bowl next week with media day and all of the controversy surrounding deflate gate seemingly on the back burner. They did not get questioned as much as people had expected during the highly anticipated media day, but Tom Brady still came off pretty […]

Brady Called Out

Mark Brunell is a former quarterback in the National Football League that made his reputation known as a member of the expansion Jacksonville Jaguars. He spent nearly twenty years in the NFL and has vast knowledge when it comes to the procedures that a quarterback goes through when preparing for a game. He was on […]