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A-Rod Returns to Mildly Warm Welcome

For the past 162 regular season games, the New York Yankees tried to distance themselves from the drama that Alex Rodriguez created from his use of performance enhancing drug use. It was unclear, for the better part of the off season whether the team would even welcome A-Rod back in the clubhouse, especially after it […]

Eva Mendes Shops At Thrift Stores

Superstar actress Eva Mendes is one of the most beautiful women alive, but things weren’t always so glamorous and easy for the famous actress. Today, Eva Mendes is worth multi millions, and she is married to Ryan Gosling. She is truly living every woman’s fantasy. However, ten years ago, Eva Mendes was a struggling actress. […]

The Business Strategy Behind the New KISS

Paul Stanley has once again taken time out during an interview to say negative things about old KISS bandmates Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. Why does Stanley hold such personal animous about the two men? To a degree, there are a lot of personal problems between the three men (four, if you add Gene Simmons […]

Possible Long-Term Remedy for California’s Water Shortage

California is experiencing a terrible drought. Water shortages have forced the governor of the state to enact water usage restrictions. You’ll probably be seeing a lot more brown grass on lawns and golf courses in the Golden State, but that is better than the alternative of people running out of it for drinking and bathing. […]

Papua New Guinea: Tsunami Warning Lifted After A Severe Earthquake

An earthquake of magnitude 7.5 occurred off the coast of Papua New Guinea on Monday, raising fears of the breaking “dangerous” waves around the epicenter before the lifting of the tsunami warning. The earth shook at a depth of 33 kilometers; 55 kilometers from the nearest town, Kokopo, on the island of New Britain, and […]

Tiger Woods to Play Masters

Tiger Woods has made an announcement on Friday indicating that he will play in the Masters in 2015. In accordance with this statement, Tiger indicated that playing in the event is very important to him as he enjoys the competition and just playing. The 2015 Masters takes place in Augusta and Tiger is looking for […]

Hollywood Celebrities Salaries Revealed

There are quite a few celebrities in Hollywood that make a lot more money than the rest of the actors and actresses. For a long time it has been debated on whether some stars are worth the salaries that they make. There is a list that has been revealed about these different celebs and all […]

Million Dollar Feces Discovery

Geologists and other researchers for the United States Geological Survey believe that human feces could be “mined” for precious metals worth millions. USGS geologist Kathleen Smith and her colleagues studied feces from rural and city waste samples all over the country and found that human feces contains enough precious metals like gold, silver, platinum copper […]