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Rondo to Dallas

The Dallas Mavericks have recently made a trade that may put them in a position to take over the Western Conference of the National basketball Association. Before the trade that they made this week, Dallas has had a very promising team that has put them in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference […]

Similarities in Web Design

Web designers are a very conservative type of peopl, but this job is just like any other job where people like to do work that can challenge them in the long run and still get them to earn quite bit of money. A site that has variable content that keeps on changing is a very […]

Security Breach at Staples Affecting 1.16 Million Credit Cards

Serious security card breaches are affecting large stores like Staples and Sears Holdings. Just a week after Sears announced hacked credit cards in its Kmart stores, Staples announced an even bigger heist. According to the management, hackers employed malware that affected 1.16 million credit cards at 115 stores of the company. The data breach relates […]

Jim Harbaugh Offered $48 Million To Coach At Michigan

The rumor is out that Michigan has offered Jim Harbaugh a $48 million contract to coach their team starting next season. Everyone knows that relations between the 49ers and Harbaugh are tense, but no one is sure if Harbaugh wants to move his family to Ann Arbor. The Move Jim Harbaugh is said to love being in […]

Napster Co-Founder Donates $24 Million to Find Allergy Cures

Those who suffer with life-threatening allergies from shellfish, peanuts and other food items have new hope – an cure for their allergies may be on the horizon. Napster co-founder, Sean Parker (who is also the former president of Facebook) is allergic to many foods and has spent more time in emergency rooms being treated for […]

NBA 2K15 Honors Isaiah Austin

Former Baylor Bears center Isaiah Austin was forced to give up his career in order to preserve his health. He has been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a disease that attacks the connective tissue in his body. The developers of the NBA 2K15 video game added him to their roster of playable basketball stars to honor […]

UFC Elites Offer CM Punk Help

CM Punk’s decision to join the UFC, continues to garner interest on the internet. I read about it while waiting at the Amen Clinic. This may be the most controversial signing of a fighter, of all time. CM Punk is a WWE mega star. He is worth millions of dollars. Punk made his money in […]

Pundits Laud Improvement of Manchester United’s David de Gea

When Manchester United beat Liverpool 3-0, it was not their forwards who were receiving universal praise. Even though Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie and Juan Mata played a crucial role in the game, it was David de Gea who was hailed by both fans and soccer experts this weekend. De Gea made a number of crucial […]

Movement on the NBA All-Time Scoring List: Kobe Passes Jordan

Kobe Bryant has been playing in the NBA since 1996 with the Lakers. He has already become a legend, even though he may be far from retirement.  For Kobe, basketball is life. He has been playing since he was two years old and is one of the best players of all time. Just recently he achieved […]