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Jon Stewart Announces His Last Day on The Daily Show

The Daily show created a whole new genre of comedy news that had never been explored in a full TV series. Needless to say, the Daily Show would not have been as successful without the ever popular and well known Jon Stewart hosting the show. Many individuals have grown very attached to the combination of […]

More Parma Details Revealed

Last Tuesday, over half of the city employees in Parma, Missouri walked out on their jobs after the first African-American female mayor, 40-year-old former city clerk Tyrus Byrd, was voted into office. Until now, many of Byrd’s supporters argued that the walkout was racially motivated. Additionally, Byrd stated that she did not receive any resignation […]

The Drought In California Is Creating A Mini Revolt Against The Bottle Water Industry

Bottle Water Companies are taking advantage of a flaw in the mandatory conservation program to pad their bottom lines. That’s right. Somehow the California State Water Resources Control Board to the US Forest Service missed the big water companies when they were formulating regulations for water conservation. Water companies are not required to report how […]

Tina Knowles Marries Again

Tina Knowles, the mother of Beyoncé Knowles, remarried, this past weekend, to Richard Lawson, who was previously an actor on the show “All My Children.” Tina Knowles. Tina was married to Beyoncé’s father for many years, until they divorced, over cheating allegations, which proved to be true, because now Beyoncé’s father has two children, outside […]

San Diego Officials Ignore Real Issue

Since Governor Jerry Brown put restrictions on water use in California because of the extreme drought taking place in the state, officials across counties have been searching for ways to get more drinkable water. said that officials in San Diego county believe they have the perfect solution — build a $1 billion desalination plant […]

Beyonce Releases Scandalous Bikini Pictures

Beyonce Knowles has released revealing pictures on the internet. In the photos, Beyonce poses in a sexy bathing suit. The photos were taken while she was on vacation with Jay-Z in Hawaii. Beyonce and Jay-Z have been visiting the tropical paradise for their wedding anniversary. However, Jay-Z and Beyonce could probably buy their own island […]

Bill Would Limit Protection of Native Plants in Arizona

A legislator is sponsoring a bill in Arizona that would prevent cities from requiring that native vegetation, like the saguaros plant, be planted when construction is developed in new areas. It would also prevent certain types of plants in landscaping projects. The Home Builders Association of Central Arizona is working together with the local government […]

Miraculous Lions

Kidnappings and forced marriages of girls and young women have been in the news recently. Africa, particularly Ethiopia, have a very high rate of these incidents. These events seem to happen so frequently, that many have become desensitized. When something unusual, even miraculous, happens it grabs ones attention. According to Grist, a 12 year-old girl […]