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Organo Gold’s Fall Coffee Recipes

Organo Gold is an organic coffee company based in California. In preparation for the fall season, they have shared two coffee recipes to help fend off the chill. Firstly, the pumpkin spice latte. Read the reviews at This is a classic fall beverage at many coffee shops but its easy to make at home. […]

Jack Plotkin is Changing Healthcare

Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin once said, “you can get busy complaining, or you can get busy changing.” Having grown up in some of the worst schools in California, then being touched by a number of teachers on a long path that eventually led him through Harvard, Jack is the classical prototypical rise-to-the-challenge kind of guy who inspires […]

Boraie and Atlantic City Actions

Atlantic City in Southern New Jersey has been a staple for gambling aficionados for years and decades. The city currently has something totally different going on as well. It has a fresh development that can accommodate an abundance of residents. It’s made up of 250 residences in total. It’s has an indisputable high-end charm, too. […]

Successes of American Addiction Centers

Addiction is an act that affects most people in the world. It results from the use of a specific drug, which later calls for the victims to develop a high drive to use them over and over again. It may result from the use of medications prescribed to people by doctors. Over the counter medications […]

Mr. Okada Will Leave Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a successful investment management entity that operates out of Dallas in Texas. Mr. Okada and Mr. Dondero established Highland Capital Management in the year 1993. Their careers proceeded to progress alongside the company as the organization continued to grow. Eventually, Highland Capital Management would grow to become a multibillion-dollar successful organization […]