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Bruno Fagali’s Fight for Transparency and Integrity

     If the “Cleptocracy Asset Recovery Rewards Act” presented in Washington on February 27, 2018, is passed, Brazilians and other countries can report scheming assets being laundered in the US. This is as reported by Bruno Fagali’s Fagali Advocacy where reporting relevant information to the United States public authorities can result in a reward of […]

Fake News Is Influencing Election Outcomes

     The issue of fake news and propaganda has dreaded the electoral processes of various countries especially in this age of cyberspace technology. According to Bruno Fagali’s blog, countries such as the United States of America experienced the influence of fake news on the outcome of elections and the most significant of all was the […]

Why O2Pur Is The Best For The E-Cig Transition

For the last couple years, many smokers have been making the switch over to vaping, as the realization that the upkeep and cost of cigarettes settles in it becomes abundantly clear that the alternative is the way to go. That being, E-Cigs. With this switch comes a lot of overwhelming factors of where to begin. […]

With a Wealth of Investing Experience to Draw from, Chris Linkas Encourages Would-Be Investors to be Unafraid of the Stock Market

Often treated like a goldmine of opportunity one minute and a pariah to avoid like the plague the next, the stock market’s allure with investors waxes and wanes more than the fortunes of movie stars. This unfortunate state of affairs is one which Chris Linkas, himself a seasoned investor and entrepreneur, likes to right whenever […]

Adam Milstein: Understanding Anti-Semitism

  Adam Milstein is a philanthropic author that writes about issues that the Jewish people face on a daily basis. He is a self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist that believes that his voice is making a difference. Adam Milstein is a Jew and knows first-hand the struggles that the community faces. In his latest article, “Unlikely […]

MJ Hegar Receives Political Endorsement From End Citizens United In Midterm Elections

     Since the organization’s inception in 2015 End Citizens United has quickly grown to be a political force to be reckoned with. The organization was first formed by democratic political party members Tiffany Muller and Matt Burgess in an effort to organize political efforts against the Supreme Court ruling in the 2010 court case Citizens […]

Jose Hawilla: Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Jose Hawilla is one of the top entrepreneurs in Brazil. As a highly successful businessman, Jose Hawilla has established many businesses and has worldwide recognition. Jose Hawilla has a unique approach to handling business issues and challenges.   Starting your own business is an important decision and should be handled carefully. Anyone who wants to […]

OSI Group Recent Acquisition of Tyson Food Facilities

OSI Group recently acquired the former Tyson Food storage warehouse and processing facility in Aurora, Illinois. The 200,000 square foot Chicago facility in the Back of the Yards neighborhood is close to the already existing OSI buildings. According the Cook County Recorder of Deeds, the purchase price of the facility was $7.4 million. Many of […]