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Securus Technologies Offering Reliable and Efficient Investigative Technology to the Law Enforcement Agencies

Securus Technologies has made its mark on the correctional technology from the time of its inception in 1986. The company is known to offer innovative and cutting edge technology that is efficient, economical, and futuristic. Securus Technologies has played a vital role in transforming as well as modernizing the correctional technology.   Securus Technologies also […]

Ricardo Tosto – Interview

Ricardo Tosto – When Asked, “What Does Your Legal Business Use for Its Online Site’s Web Design?” Ricardo Tosto employs Parallax scrolling, which is also referred to as asymetrical scrolling, a 2D graphic technique – as well as SEO keywords, no less important for any website‘s build.   Ricardo Tosto – Favorite TV Show? Courage […]

Bruno Fagali Legal Career

     Brazil has changed dramatically in recent years. The economic growth in Brazil is among the highest in the world. With this growth, many companies are expanding rapidly. In addition, people from all over the world are moving to Brazil in search of a better life. Bruno Fagali owns a legal business and helps people […]

Who Is Alexandre Gama, other than a Star?

     Neogama was one of the most popular advertising firms in Brazil, its origin of incorporation, immediately following its foundation in 1999. The firm grew faster than any other professional agency – not necessarily limited to marketing firms, either – in the jungle country of Brazil, helping its clients beat out other advertisements hosted in […]

Tech Entrepreneur Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He grew up taking an interest in technology, however he did not pursue a college degree in technology. Hope went to university at Arizona State and received a degree in finance. After his bachelor in finance, he went on to business school for […]

Jason Helpern: Developing History and Luxury

Founder and managing partner of JMH Development, Jason Helpern, certainly has a knack for what he does. His family has been running the business for three generations. JMH Development has developed rental properties and commercial spaces all across the U.S. The company has numerous years of experience in construction and project management JMH Development handles […]

Nationwide Vice President David Giertz and Social Security Financial Advisors

In a research institute study, it was found people who had retired or would within a short amount of time their financial advisors had not discussed social security with them. The former president of one of the largest insurance providers nationwide David Giertz questions why a majority of financial advisors ignore asking. Mr. Giertz believes […]