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Copy? John Holt can write a lot on banks and wealth management/luxury investment advisories. Do you ever need him to write/edit anything remotely for your business? He can do it like no one else can. In fact, perhaps that’s the reason he was chosen as a top panelist and speaker for last November’s Texas Bankers’ […]

Samuel Strauch-Creative Thinking For South Florida Real Estate

Samuel Strauch began working in the banking industry after receiving an undergraduate degree from Hofstra University in International Studies, and marketing degree studies from Harvard University and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He later worked in his family’s South Florida Real Estate business before starting his own company in 2002, which he presently still runs. His […]

Screening for Life-Lifeline Screening

Regular screening is important especially when one is getting old. Medical expert advice that the older one gets the more they are exposed to some diseases including stroke cardiovascular diseases. Ultra sound screening is recommended in order to identify such complications early enough for one to get the required medical attention. Ever since the establishment […]

How Boraie Development is Making It in These Tough Times

According to a recent article from Central Jersey Working Moms, The crisis of real estate markets that are surging is substantially shifting towards New Jersey. This has led to a threat to the rebound of housing in one area that is densely populated in the country. Zillow, a real estate tracking giant, claims that the […]

The Successful Life of Don Ressler

Don Ressler started his big career by listening to people’s advice. Through that, he began that he used to sell his items. As a successful entrepreneur, Don Ressler is known for his great contribution in many successful start-ups. After selling his first start-up to Intermix Media, he joined hands with Adam Goldenberg. Their come […]

A look at Alexandre Gama and advertising in Brazil

     When advertising is mentioned in Brazil one name keeps coming up and it’s none other than Alexandre Gama he is a Brazilian born on June 1, 1958, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Gama is one of the few Brazilians who have ventured out of Brazil and made an impact internationally as well […]

Scott Rocklage Succesful Career

Scott Rocklage is a successful man. He specializes in Healthcare Administration. He has an experience of 30 years in the medical industry specifically in his career. He became an initiative partner after joining 5 AM Ventures in 2003. After some time he became the managing partner.Scott previously had worked for Pharmaceuticals where he was the […]

Innovation to Class Room Communication with Class Dojo

Do you ever wonder how your child is doing when they are at school? Do you wish you can receive updates on your child’s progress in different classes? How about real time updates on what your child is doing? Many parents are often in the dark about their child’s progress in school. They only receive […]

The New Look of EOS

Most women know what the EOS lip balms look like. They’re small, circular things of lip balm that feel great going onto the lips. For those who love lip balm, the EOS lip balms are kind of like the king of the jungle. They last longer than other lip balms do, and it doesn’t take […]