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Marc Beer: Advocating for Entrepreneurship in Biotech

The entrepreneurship realm is incomplete without Marc Beer and his exemplary achievements. His thriving career extends over 25 years of diligence and persistence. One thing that stands out with Marc Beer is his ability to solve problems. He acquired experience from arrays of companies that deal with biotechnology. Before that, he studied Bsc in Business […]

Empiricus – Creating Positive Associations

The idea of expanding upon opinionated content and backing it with research has been attempted across multiple publications. None have been able to create an impact quite like Empiricus. Empiricus is an American and Brazilian publication that caters to individuals who are looking for deeper informational strands tied to politics, the economy, investment strategies, and […]

Starting a Business the Luke Lazarus Way

Luke Lazarus says that when a new business opens its doors, the chances of failing are often higher than those of failing. He examines statistics from several authoritative sources and says that it is an unfortunate situation. For example, he points out that in the first year, a new business is likely to be wiped […]

Choosing to Use the Expertise of Michael Nierenberg

If you’re looking for a solid investment firm that you can trust, there is none better than New Residential Investment Corp. There is a reason why Michael Nierenberg is the CEO of the company as well as its president. Visit to know more about Michael Nierenebrg. Fortunately, Michael Nierenberg has the experience behind him […]

Smita Shah Leads Annual Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee Luncheon, Marks Day As Mahatma Gandhi Day

The 2nd of October was a big day for the Indian community living in the city of Chicago as the day was declared as the Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago. The honor was given because of the prominent role that Mahatma Gandhi played in maintaining world peace, and the values and virtues that he stood […]

GPB Global Resources Assists Ethiopian Government to Make Positive Changes to Return Tree Growth to Country

Planing Indigenous Trees As part of a grow back program that will affect the entire country of Ethiopia, the Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, has launched a program in bringing back indigenous trees to Ethiopia. On a July sunny day, this Summer, over 1000 communities gathered together to participate in a forestation project in Ethiopia. India […]