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Banks have A New Way of Handling Cyber Security Threat – Jeff Yastine

     Wells Fargo is now offering a new powerful tool to help keep hackers at bay. Through its digital banking platform – commercial electronic office, the company is providing a Smartphone-based biometric algorithm (voice, face, and eyeball) to its corporate clients. Besides Wells Fargo, other financial institutions have not been left behind. Banks such as […]

New Hair Color Ideas From Lime Crime

Who would have thought one of the major innovators in the cosmetics’ world would be a company launched over the Internet and started by a Russian emigre? Lime Crime is indeed the makeup line that started out as the brainchild of Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, and it’s Deere’s willingness to be bold and experimental in […]

Talkspace Takes Mental-Health Services to higher Level

Recent advancements in technology has revolutionized to world into a small society and made it easier for people to communicate. Just from the handset, you are able to access various essential services from the comfort of your home. Talkspace, in particular, has made it convenient for clients to connect with mental-health doctors through the various […]

Jason Hope: Anticipating the Future

With the rise of technologies such as Bitcoin and IOT enabled devices, there is also a growing concern surrounding the security of the networks that fuel them. IOT devices have saturated the market and answered the growing need that people have, to stay connected to one another. Through this technology, individuals can use smart appliances, […]

Clay Siegall: From Biotech to Big Pharma

These days, Seattle’s most prominent biotech company, Seattle Genetics, is making its case to be the next great pharmaceutical company. Sitting in a nondescript building, one wouldn’t expect those walls to hold some of the latest technology regarding biotechnology. At the foundation of Seattle Genetics is the study of human antibodies, which under the watchful […]

Equities First Holdings Australia

Equities First Holdings Australia is the global leader for stock-based loans and margin loans. They have six facilities in four continents. They offer lending solutions for individuals, corporations, and businesses. It’s a successful company which was founded in 2002. Their mission is to make sure each client meet the financial solutions that they want to […]