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Richard Dwayne Blair Is A Reputable Investment Advisor

Are you planning to start a business or invest for retirement? Do you want to get proper guidance and advice on how to manage your money wisely and achieve the success you desire? It is imperative to take steps to plan your finances and secure your future. People invest for a variety of reasons and […]

Animation of the movie “Coco”

Senior director Daniel Arriaga of Pixar graduated from the Academy of Art University. He had the opportunity to share his Mexican for animation and directing of his movie “Coco” at his alma mater.”Coco” won an Oscar for Best Animation feature. Coco was about a boy who traveled to a land to find out about […]

IC System: The Accounting Company

Celebrating eighty years, IC System has stood the test of time. Ever since 1938, IC System has transitioned from one generation to the next Erickson family generation, three generations to be exact. Their longevity is due to their superb customer service principles and an ethical mindset towards customers. IC System was founded by Jack and […]

OSI Food Solutions Has Had A Great Run In Europe Over The Last Handful Of Years:

José María del Río, managing director for Spanish brand of OSI Food Solutions has recently stated that the company has witnessed an average 6 percent annual growth over the last decade in the demand for processed chicken in Spain and Portugal. In response to this issue, OSI Food Solutions has invested €17 million into major […]

Aloha Construction: An Ethically Sound Company!

Aloha Construction is an ethically sound company in many facets. The A+ rated company that hails from Lake Zurich, Illinois recently achieved recognition from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) committee. The construction company is a trusted family enterprise that was founded and created by Dave Farbaky. The fully bonded and insured company specializes in Roofing, […]

The Legacy of Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender is a notable American film producer with a bounty of blockbuster favorites to testify for his success. In addition to titles such as Goodwill Hunting and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, he is perhaps most well known for the credits he’s produced alongside esteemed director Quentin Tarantino. His legacy is one that is inherently […]

Life lessons by Dr. Mark McKenna

He is a certified surgeon, a renowned and successful entrepreneur, humanitarian, and a family man. Meet Dr. Mark McKenna. He is mostly known for his business-minded attitude. Attaining a degree in medicine from Tulane University has not limited Dr. Mark McKenna into entering other fields. The first business was real estate. It did not turn […]

Glen Wakeman helps entrepreneurs find success

Glen Wakeman, CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, passionately seeks to help entrepreneurs find success. Wakeman suggest “Thoughtful Perseverance,” a three step process: 1) Focus on benefits instead of features, 2) Seek dis-confirming evidence, 3)Build a dispassionate support group. Wakeman finds that when businesses focus on providing value to their customers rather than creating something the […]