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OSI industries: The Beasts of Food production

Having started in 1909, OSI industries have shown great growth to become one of the world’s largest food producers. They have faced difficulties, surmounted challenges and found new ways to grow and develop. OSI industries all started when Otto emigrated to Chicago from Germany. At that time, Germans were setting up farms to help their families and themselves. Otto had a bigger goal, he also wanted to set an example for his family and generations to come. He decided to start a retail shop that will be very profitable in the years to come. After the first world war, he was able to expand it, also it increased the company’s credibility around the area.

This made him even richer than he normally was. After the Second World War, there was an economic boom that increased productivity among Americans. At this point, a franchise developer was working on building franchises around the United States. He was working in California, somewhere between he met up with Otto’s sons. They agreed to major meat distributor to other franchises around the United States. After he bought McDonald’s, OSI industries became one of the leading food corporations in the world. As McDonald’s grew so did OSI Industries, and they became one of the major suppliers at the time.

Around the 70’s, there were technological advancements that helped in food productivity process. As a result, they were able to grow past the shackles of McDonalds into different continents around the world. Currently, they have 3 state of the art plants in China and Japan. In the 80’s, they assigned Lavin to spearhead their venture into other continents. Before that, he was an investment banker with influence and knowledge of the market. He was successful and today, the company is worth billions of dollars. They recently acquired Baho Foods in Europe, expanding their empire and profits. The truth is that they are not far from world domination, and are showing signs of owning the market. They are highly influential in the Asian market, their hunger for expansion should see them cover Africa in a short while. Click here.

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