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OSI Industries Just Struck Up A Unique Partnership Designed To Boost Production Of A Great Plant-Based Product

Food sector-leading OSI Industries is known for its unique solutions that it provides to today’s food service businesses. The global food processing firm is currently working in seventeen geographic regions of the world and has more than a century of history to back it up. OSI Industries has developed its business model off of a reputation for excellence in service. This has allowed the wholesale operation to grow significantly over the years. Strategic acquisitions have been one of the driving forces being the growth at OSI Industries. Another major factor that has driven growth is the company’s reputation for forming quality partnerships with other great food industry companies.

OSI recently announced yet another big partnership and it is a business arrangement that is sure to prove mutually beneficial to both companies. OSI is joining forces with Impossible Foods to help the producer of vegan food products to increase the production of its highly sought after plant-based burger patty. As the demand for plant-based foods increases, many food service providers are looking to offer these kinds of products. Impossible Foods has already had its plant-based burger picked up by fast-food giant Burger King. With such a demand for this product, being able to team up with a major food processing firm like OSI Industries is going to make a big difference in the ability to produce the number of plant-based burger patties that the demand is calling for.

These kinds of products are particularly popular among the younger generation due to their concern for eating healthy and being environmentally conscious. Impossible Foods representative Sheetal Shah has expressed excitement about the partnership with OSI Industries. Shah notes that the Impossible Foods team did a great deal of research into possible partners. It was clear a company with the processing capabilities and global reach that OSI has would make for the ideal partnership. With this new deal, both Impossible Foods and OSI benefit but lovers of plant-based foods also benefit as this deal will make this great burger product much more readily available to the consumer market. It is a win-win for all parties involved.

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