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OSI Group & McDonald’s: A Match Made In Heaven

Around the world, McDonalds is one of the most popular restaurants on the scene. Over the years they have provided the newest and most delicious options on their menus. As the world is changing why wouldn’t they jump on board with the new Impossible Burger created by OSI Group McDonalds. This is the way of the future with the health craze going through the United States right now. Everyone wants to be healthier and wants to know exactly is in their dinner.

OSI Group has partnered with McDonalds to sell the Impossible Burger. This burger is a meatless patty that provides the necessary nutrients to the consumer. The Impossible Burger has already been sold at some of the company’s competitors and is succeeding in sales. The company is in the process of creating a new facility in Chicago to take on the demand for products that is going to come from this partnership. OSI Group understands that once the deal is complete and it is time to produce, there are thousands of stores that will need to be supplied with the burgers.

Research has been completed with OSI and this major chain restaurant to ensure that the Chicago plant can consistently keep all of these locations up and running with the demand that is going to take place. Individual cities will require more supply than others. More health-conscious locations will need to have a reserve on their side for an influx in demand that they may experience. Both of these companies are more than prepared to meet the needs of not only the company but the mass consumers as well.

To have OSI Group co-manufacturing the Impossible Burger will be a giant leap for the company. Even though this is not the first time that OSI has contracted with a company, this will be a life-changing partnership. This company has a name that is known worldwide in the restaurant industry and respects the perspective of its customers. When the customers demand a change, this restaurant does the best that they can to accommodate the needs and requirements of their customer base. With the Impossible Burger, McDonalds and OSI Group anything is possible.

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