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OSI Group Is Headed Towards Sustainability

OSI Group has been a company making major moves for a very long time. A hundred years ago a German immigrant came to America in search of a better life. Once he settled in Chicago, Illinois he opened a family business. This family business grew into a local hub for the community for commerce and togetherness. The company did so well because of its quality meats. Time and time again the family ran business was able to deliver reliable, tasty food to its customers. After many decades in business, the small meat company became Otto & Sons. Living out their father’s legacy, the sons of this meat business owner took the company to next level. These sons were able to make new contacts and create new partnerships. The country was booming with business.

Fast food restaurants began to sprout up all over the United States. An issue started to form because these restaurants needed meats that could travel long distances and still be fresh. Otto & Sons had already mastered the perfect beef patty. So, the sons took advantage of this opportunity. Restaurants needing to serve burgers and needing to serve burgers frequently caught the eye of Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons became McDonald’s top food provider. As the decades moved on, this second generation ran company turned into OSI Group.

Though the times changed and the owners changed, the quality of food stayed the same. The same morals and principles of working hard and delivering what the customer wants is what has caused OSI Group to have the success that it has today. OSI Group has always been a brand about change and innovation. For the next few years, the food provider has a big task on their hands. They are wanting to be an example of a food company that does not leave behind an environmental footprint on the earth. They are aiming to redesign and set up facilities that are better equipped to operate in a better environmental friendly way. They want to promote a better welfare of animals. And run a company that does not harm the planet.

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