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OSI Food Solutions — Doubling the Market for Meat

In a recent acquisition, OSI Food Production Group has expanded their operations to include a larger factory in Spain. They have also purchased a new facility in Chicago. The details of both purchases have not been made public, but the spectrum of what is known is slim. We can surmise that the company has profited by making such large purchases and it can be guessed that these acquisitions are part of a larger strategy to expand overall production. The OSI Food Group has been the world leader in chicken production in the last century and they are hoping to continue this reign. The factories they have purchased should make the competition less available to compete.

By purchasing the factory expansion in Spain, OSI Food Solutions has doubled its chicken production capacity. The country of Brazil and the country of Spain are two of the world’s largest consumers of chicken. It has been estimated by census that for every one person in Sao Paulo there are one and a half chickens consumed every day. That means that for each family in Brazil there must be a steady supply of five chickens per day. The number has increased from where it was three years ago and it shows signs that it is only increasing.

OSI Food Solutions is hoping to improve its chicken production capacity in order to keep pace with the growing number of families who are requesting chicken in Spain as well. The number has been on the rise for more than five years and as poultry becomes a national delicacy, more families will join in with the dietary changes. The impact on the demand for chicken can be seen across the factories that OSI has built. Their factories are state of the art and have the latest technology. The production of chicken for consumption has doubled and they are ramping up their factories to continue at this pace. The chickens that are created for consumption lead satisfactory lives and are kept in clean enclosures to protect the customers. OSI Food Solutions takes the health of their animals as a serious factor in production and they take their responsibility to consumers very seriously.

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