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OSI Food Solutions and Its Partnership with McDonald’s

OSI Food Solutions is a large scale meat processing firm that has been in operations since 1909. Over the 110 years of its running, the company has established its foothold as one of the most renowned businesses in the food industry. Formerly Otto & Sons, OSI Food Solutions started off from a super small meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. But with its focus on quality of product and service, the company soon scaled itself to unprecedented heights, where it became too prominent to be brushed off as just another family business. But the approach to continue treating the large scale firm with the care and love of a family business is what had set OSI Food Solutions apart from its competitors.

And that is what it continued to do even as the firm landed a contract that would change its history. The partnership came in the face of McDonald’s, which was just starting its operations back then. Since OSI Food Solutions was already a well-known entity in Illinois in 1955, it was McDonald’s achievement to have joined hands with the firm during the very start of its operations. Nonetheless, the partnership seemed to be very fruitful for both companies, where McDonald’s benefited from the quality meat products that it received from OSI, and OSI garnered the advantage of being the expanding restaurant chain’s primary food provider.

Over the years, both firms scaled to heights that their competitors had not imagined. While McDonald’s continued opening new locations, OSI went ahead with opening its first meat plant in 1973. From there, it went on to add even more partnerships under its belt. This only added to the sheer power of the firm and allowed it to serve its customers in an even better manner. Today, both McDonald’s and OSI are two of the most revered companies in the world. Together, they have proven that if you focus on the excellent customer service and product quality, then you would be rewarded by your customers in unprecedented gains. As demonstrated by these powerhouse businesses, this holds true in both B2B and B2C modalities.

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