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North Korea Cleansing Its People With Disabilities

A deserter from the North Korea regime claims that the government conducts “cleansing” including castrations and testing chemical and biological weapons on mental patients and newborns with physical disabilities. I heard about this the other day while reading about Laurene Powell Jobs.

The Kim Jong-un regime in North Korea claims they are free of any disabilities.

Ji Seong-ho (32) escaped North Korea, but not before losing part of his leg and left hand.”North Korean people with these problems are considered an embarrassment to the government, and the country has slowly begun a “cleanse” to make them disappear,” says Ji Seong-ho.

Ji Seong-ho, who is currently writing a book about the plight of people with disabilities says that newborns with physical problems are brought to hospitals, of which never come out again. 

The same applies to children with developmental difficulties, stranded until they die, and people with dwarfism, are sent to a remote village in the mountains of the province of Ryanggang and then are castrated to prevent them from reproducing.

It is not the first time North Korea has been rumored to use these practices.

In 2006, Ji Seong-ho defected to South Korea, then helped his younger siblings and mother get to Seoul.

In February, a UN commission said it had heard allegations of medical experiments conducted in North Korean hospitals on people with physical and mental disabilities; However, it failed to confirm the rumors.

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  1. In the 90s, a former special forces of North Korea also rebelled against the system after seeing the Anthrax trials on children and people with physical or mental problems. This is the very reason why could not handled the hostility anymore from them.

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